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Can you hear me? Oh good this thing is ON. It’s almost spring, a fresh new season…and a new blog! I am a firm believer in speaking your mind and being authentic with what you feel about something. And right now in the world, there are so many things happening that call for our attention and passion. As artists and activists, we need to pay attention and give our voice and energy to these issues, because so many around us are either too afraid to raise their voice or don’t have an audience who will listen. I would LOVE for this blog to be interactive, so….TALK to me.  If I say something you don’t agree with or understand..say something! Or if you do get where I am coming from and it fires you up…say something! I am so grateful for my LIFE and the incredible creativity I have in it and I will keep you posted on those things here. Come see/hear me in The Hitchcock Radio Theater Festival. The Next four Saturdays at 2pm in NYC.

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Wishing you Joyful, sweet Holidays.

Wishing you all joyful, sweet holidays and a peaceful and happy new year ahead.Focus on what went right this year. What you feel good about and when your gifts really shined. Write it down and remember that! May that give you the inspiration for more in 2017. In 2017...

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Summer Update

Hope you have all had a wonderful summer! I have been traveling, spending precious time with my family and re-charging for the fall season ahead. Have you checked out my podcast yet? My husband and I co-host this show. We have great guest interviews and live music...

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You may know her from The Twilight Saga book narrations.

Susan Adcox 5/7/2013 03:01:04 am

It’s true that many women of my generation and earlier generations had dreams that they were never able to fulfill, simply because they had to adapt to what life handed them. I don’t feel sad about that, however, because the things that give you satisfaction at the end of your life are not always the things that you imagined would be important. Life granted me work that I love, a close and loving family and the chance to travel and see many amazing sights. What more does one need?

REPLY to Susan Adcox From Ilyana Kadushin 5/19/2013 02:53:11 am

Susan, Thank you for your comment about my blog. Despite the fact that my grandmother blog focused on their dreams deferred and my awareness of how this caused judgement between women in my family, I can also completely appreciate how different women’s paths are as they age in this world. The sadness I felt was about the lack of satisfaction my grandmothers felt. It is important to honor all aspects of these varied truths our families hold.

Carol Covin 5/8/2013 07:37:15 am

Love your sensitivity about the dreams your grandmothers may not have been able to fulfill. My Mom was a secretary (of the then-choices – secretary, teacher, nurse). She had a degree in Journalism from the University of Michigan. I know she really wanted to be a writer and indulged this side with occasional submissions. I don’t know if she was ever published. 3 children under 5 and all.

REPLY to Carol Covin From Ilyana Kadushin 5/19/2013 02:56:17 am

Thanks Carol. I realized with time and perspective, that the themes of generations of women, aging and dreams, were a big part of my solo show and it was cool to share that within the context of these grandmother blogs.

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