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Why be an artist in 2015?

It’s March in New York and we are dreaming of flowers poking through all this snow and ice. During this long winter, as we take stock of what does not serve us or liberate us, I cannot help but think about this question, why be an artist in 2015? I think about this every day of my life.

Many writers, philosophers and analysts have covered this topic, the role of the artist in society at different points in history. My own belief is, Artists are PRESENT in the world differently. Is this because artists look through different eyes?

After hearing a podcast on NPR, about how our relationships with our computers and devices have changed our behavior and our connection to the world around us; I thought, this question is even more VITAL now.

Since coming to New York, I have met so many incredible artists:  painters, singers, writers, performers, directors and producers. It has always seemed to me that there is an inherent bravery in living this path of Artistry. Studying MAE WEST for my developing musical, I see how during her time, she felt driven to be herself not just for her own satisfaction but also because she felt she was driven for a greater purpose.



I have learned about myself, that I have this ACTIVIST drive, to take anything creative I am working on as an ARTIST, and figure out how to do the most good with it.

What does this really mean?  I think this means, how to raise consciousness and liberate people, in a time when technology and busyness has created a fog and overwhelmed-ness that can keep us from connecting and helping each other.

There is an inherent vulnerability in just living and even more so as artists. So the artist and the art and stories they create; reminds everyone that we are vulnerable, that we want to feel loved and belong to a world that accepts us as we are.


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