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Ilyana Kaudushin


Ilyana Kadushin is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, and private coach to voice-over performers and public speakers of all kinds.

You are a business professional who needs to lead both video conferences and live presentations, You are working on your TED TALK, You are getting ready to pitch an idea or proposal, You are an author who needs to speak and read your book in public, You are a filmmaker who needs to speak on Q&A panels. Ilyana wants to work with YOU.

She has created a system of coaching based on the process she went through – with her own coach and reel producer, and from currently being a professional voice-over performer.

Ilyana’s coaching students have gotten voice-over representation from their reels and are out there auditioning and booking!

Coaching BUSINESS professionals who want to use their voice with more IMPACT in presentations or video conferences.

Coaching public speakers who want to speak from a place that has:

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