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Ilyana Kadushin

“Deciding to work with Ilyana was a clear and important decision to make, both for my personal and professional development. Sessions with her feel like exercise for the mind and soul. I would recommend her services to anyone from any walk of life. She is now an indispensable part of my life”.
Dorothy H.

Business Professional- Performance Coaching Client

Ilyana, I wanted to take this time again to say how appreciative I am of your informational and supportive instruction.  
I am more confident and excited to pursue this new venture because of the skills you’ve taught me.
I can’t say enough how much I’ve learned and appreciated your being patient with me.  
I hope we can work with each other again in the future.  It was very surprising to hear my voice, but felt proud to hear it and it’s all because of you and your husband.  Thanks again for all your time and expertise. ” 
Voice Coaching Client

“I am so happy with my experience working with Ilyana. I’ve always wanted to study voiceover technique with the intention of becoming a voiceover artist, and now that dream is becoming a reality. Our sessions were thorough, engaging, productive and so efficient. Ilyana gave me the tools and techniques to map a script, digest the words and articulate them naturally. She helped me prepare a really great reel, and when the time came to record, I felt comfortable, confident and excited. Ilyana and James worked on an incredible reel that I’m so happy with, and eager to get out into the world. She also gave me insight on how best to get my foot in the voiceover world’s door.

Thanks to you both!” – Allison Brown

“Ilyana and James are the perfect team to help you create the most professional Reel at the Best Price. Insightful, efficient, honest, and above all dynamic and creative. The best value in New York to expand your earning potential.”

– Jeremy Holm

“Ilyana helped me find and use my true voice, years after my training as an actor, in such a way that I truly experienced a ’click’ into what works best for me.  Her method is organic, yet strategic, and it was an absolute pleasure working with her.”
-Marni Wandner
“Working with Ilyana helped me move past my preconceived notions of what voiceovers should sound like and into my own voice. I’m excited to dive into this world with the knowledge that she has helped me with and find my own voice in this industry.” -Jorge Chapa
“I came in knowing nothing about being a voice-over artist. Ilyana taught me all about the industry, how to find my voice, and most importantly, my confidence in this new medium.” – Alanna Fox


“Having Ilyana as a coach was invaluable because she illuminated for me the simple, yet very specific, techniques of effective voice over work — showing me how to use my existing acting training to create within one or two sentences the same level of nuisance and intention one would for any other script of longer length. I’m so glad I had a coach like Ilyana with me throughout the process – the product is infinitely better than anything I could have done on my own. “
– Janice Gerlach
Ilyana’s approach stretches one beyond their comfort zone. It gets you out of your head and self-consciousness to find an authentic voice. From that inner place, one’s voice becomes a powerful tool, reflecting your feelings, which can be tapped into more readily and deliberately.”
-John R.
“The world of narration and voice overs always had a strong appeal to me yet presented the biggest fear as well. After receiving a BA and MFA in acting, the fear to pursue voice overs, oddly enough, still persisted. It wasn’t until my coaching with Ilyana that that fear was replaced with passion. She taught me to be persistent, fearless, and deeply creative when approaching my work. ”
-Kiel Perry
“Ilyana encourages creativity and pushes you to go even further. Both she and James provide a professional, yet fun atmosphere that put me at ease almost instantly. You will leave feeling confident, knowing you have a Reel that will showcase your very best work”. -Mary Cross
“Ilyana worked with me to record my very first VO reel.  My sessions with Ilyana were always well organized and followed a progressive curriculum with specific goals tailored to meet my needs.  And when the time came for my first time behind the mic I felt 100% prepared and in control of the material because of her guidance and coaching.” – Corey Triplett
“I took voice coaching and produced a voice-over reel with Ilyana and James. Working with both of them was great. With Ilyana, I learned to take what I had studied before to a new level, incorporating my own style with her guided techniques and increased breath awareness. I loved the exercises we did and she made learning fun. When it was time to produce the reel, James stepped in and together they created cool background music and we spent an afternoon recording.  Thanks for a wonderful experience. I am very happy with our end product! ”
– Cindy Lamar
“Ilyana, Thank you so much for all your hard work, your patience and your help! I am so very happy with my demo.  I don’t think I could have come anywhere close to reaching this level of quality and marketability with anyone other than you. Thanks for everything you’ve given me.”

“To hone and refresh my skills I started coaching sessions with Ilyana Kadushin, a professional voiceover artist. With the assistance of her husband, sound engineer and musician, James Harrell, they produced and edited my voiceover demo reel with an original soundtrack. I think it demonstrates the range and richness of my vocal abilities.” – Frances McGarry

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