Coaching Workshops Offered

by Ilyana Kaudushin

Workshops Offered

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Social Progress, Social Consciousness and Social Media

For groups of young artists and students. For younger generations, social media is their link to their community, but what about the world at large? And what are they putting into the mix? Junk? Or Gold? In this workshop we make “Say it to the World” PSA Videos  using: creative writing, public speaking techniques, video and music. Young artists want to belong, and feel heard. So what stops them? Not others,  their thoughts.   We explore why to be a mindful artist today and what is their CALL TO ACTION.
*Recently led this workshop at Salisbury University’s Summer Drama Program for High School Students.

Finding your place in Voice-over Marketplace and making a Reel

For one on one coaching or group intro. workshop.
*Recently led this workshop at New School in New York City.

Empowerment Workshop- "Finding your strengths by cultivating and caring for your Creative Mind

For groups of women of all ages.
*Recently led this workshop at Purnell Boarding School in New Jersey.

"Stories Love Music" program

For groups of Elders with Dementia and their care givers.

Separate, But Equal Documentary film and Discussion on Community Esteem and Conflict Resolution

For groups at Universities and all Screenings.
*Have co-led this workshop at many Universities nationwide.

Invite us to screen our film (58 minutes) and lead a community conversation about race and community esteem.

"Mae Day" Musical Performance and Discussion on Women, Romance and Sexuality.

For audiences at Theaters, Universities and special events.

Communicate Content Coaching "The Art of The Pitch"

One on one coaching for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs.
Communication Coaching for Self and Others in workplace.
Connection between Communication and Performance.
Improve performance through  effective communication.
Your Thinking and how it affects your actions and behaviors? Behavior changes your thinking.
Make the idea of “presenting your ideas” more comfortable for you.