Ilyana Kadushin

Actress | Award Winning Narrator | Film & Music Producer

As an audiobook narrator, Ilyana engages her voice to tell stories from authors all around the world.

As a voice coach Ilyana motivates her clients to find their voice, so they can engage with the world and tell their stories.

As an executive director of Stories Love Music, Ilyana developed a program to teach caregivers how to use their voices and music to unearth the voice and stories of the senior citizens they are caring for.

As a producer and co-host of the NO, I KNOW podcast, Ilyana goes out into the world and shines a light on people and their stories of positive community engagement.

As a music artist and singer Ilyana, with producer/composer, James Harrell is creating music that elevates the stories being told through film and other media content.

Ilyana is represented by:

Stewart Talent
1430 Broadway
Suite # 1513
New York, NY. 10018

JASON SASPORTAS (Head of Voice-Over)
Stewart Talent New York
Office: (212) 315-5505 (EXT.122)

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Pictured: Narrator Ilyana Kadushin with Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga at the 2015 New York City Comic-Con. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Twilight’s series release.

Multimedia artists, activists and husband and wife duo James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin talk shop in this engaging podcast, No, I Know

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Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer | Review

Dear Ilyana, Just want to say how much I admire the work you did with the Twilight Saga audiobooks. For years I never thought I would find another voice I admired as much as Jim Dale’s, but that has changed. I’m afraid I will have to buy my second set of cd’s soon as I’m wearing them out by listening to the series repeatedly! —Thank you from a devoted fan.

Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer | Review

“Readers will thrill to Ilyana Kadushin’s elegant reading of “New Moon”…her performance captures the emotional upheaval of mortal Bella’s desperate love for Vampire Edward and the obstacles to their perilous reunion. Kadushin’s silvery feminine voice delivers the unfolding events with precise, consistent timing that showcases Meyer’s story without overwhelming it. Kadushin ably succeeds at creating an addictive listen..” — (Audio File Magazine)

Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer | Review

“Ilyana’s work as a narrator was intuitive and nuanced and her preparation was superlative. Not only did bringing Ilyana to the table please the high-profile author of this high-profile series and make me look good for bringing Ilyana in, but created a series of audiobooks that will stand the test of time as best-sellers and as great performance.” -Jacob Bronstein (Random House- Crown Publishing).

Twilight Saga Series by Stephenie Meyer | Review

“Twilight is narrated with great style by Ilyana Kadushin, who makes the infinitely romantic tale of star-crossed lovers resonate with a bitter sweet edge. – (Oxford Public Library)

"GLOW" by Amy Kathleen Ryan | Review

“In outer space, two spaceships are dueling for their own fates as well as the fate of New Earth. Likewise, dual narration brings drama to the adventures of the EMPYREAN and the NEW HORIZON. Matt Brown has excellent pacing in the narration of Kieran’s point of view…Kadushin is a great fit for the voice of Waverley, a strong, independent thinker who assumes the role of leader as the oldest girl aboard the EMPYREAN.” – AudioFile Magazine

"GLOW" by Amy Kathleen Ryan | Review

“Kadushin and Brown provide spellbinding narration… Ryan’s novel translates perfectly to audio with its combination of compelling characters and exciting edge-of-your-seat action scenes. Listeners will be unable to turn off this audiobook – whether they listen in the car, at home, or at work – because they need to find out what happens next.”

 Publishers Weekly – starred review – 2011 Listen-Up Award Winner

Book Narration Fan Reviews

Ilyana LOVES hearing from her FANS

— “Thank you so much!”

— “Oh Twi fans know how to make a gal feel good!”

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Ilyana Kadushin’s tempered reading perfectly suits Anya’s attempts to keep her emotions hidden under the surface…With believable Russian accents for older family members and deliberate timing that deftly builds suspense, Kadushin will keep listeners riveted with this futuristic story of a mob family.” – (AudioFile Magazine)

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Narrator Ilyana Kadushin perfectly captures Anya’s character, providing the heroine with a voice that sounds young and vulnerable, but strong-willed…The excitement and drama of the book’s early chapters translate well to audio and will keep listeners on the edge of their seats.” –(Publishers Weekly)

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Narrator Ilyana Kadushin does an outstanding job voicing the various characters, adding credibility to the production. Although the story’s dystopian elements seem lightweight – humorous even – compared to the apocalyptic themes of other titles in the genre, the intriguing mystery and exceptional characterization will keep listeners thoroughly invested.” – School Library Journal

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Narrator Ilyana Kadushin quickly brings listeners into Anya’s life as she navigates the chaos all around her. Kadushin paces her performance to methodically reveal Anya’s intelligence and protectiveness of her family. Carefully measured emotion perfectly matches the carefully distanced feelings that Anya needs to keep in check in order to survive all the things thrown at her that she must do…Listeners will eagerly look forward to the next installment.” – Sound Commentary

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Ilyana Kadushin dives right back in as the perfect Anya – seemingly emotionless and cool on the surface but a true teen in consciousness and delivery. Kadushin delivers the story’s happiness, sorrow, and mob family suspense to make this follow-up just as fast-paced as the original…Kadushin enhances the story’s suspense, intrigue, and heart, raising anticipation for the next installment.” –(AudioFile Magazine)

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Character development reaches new levels, a quality made all the more evident through Ilyana Kadushin’s interpretation of the text.” –School Library Journal 

"All These thing I've Done" Series by Gabrielle Zevin | Review

“Ilyana Kadushin’s portrayal of Anya anchors this action-packed story. Allowing Anya to maintain an aura of calmness when faced with the escalating tension created by corruption, politics and crime. Kadushin vividly portrays the teen, a self-proclaimed ‘spawn of the unscrupulous mobsters,’ who strongly confronts the harsh realities of her perfidious family and their black-market dealings.” – Booklist 

Ilyana Kadushin is a motivational speaker, workshop leader, and private coach to voice-over performers and public speakers of all kinds.


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