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Mae West on Sex and Liberation

Since March 2014 this women pictured here, MAE WEST, has become a fascination and is constantly surprising me with what i learn about her. In the beginning i learned what everyone else knew about Mae, that she had crafted and created this SEX GODDESS creature in spite of the SEXISM and CENSORSHIP during her time. How she literally upset the apple cart and turns on it’s head, HOW women were supposed to act. But what i did not know was: WHY she became this way, to what extent she both upset and excited MEN and what she went through because of it. AND how RESILIENT she was and how it ultimately led her to become and see herself as an EDUCATOR.
Sure today we can see and do everything in terms of SEX. But consider how ground breaking and ahead of her time she was. To Mae, women’s LIBERATION came from 3 things: SEX, HEALTH and ESP.
And so it based on a book (of the same name) that she wrote in the 70’s, that i am basing my newest developing musical project on. And it is changing me as both a woman and human being by doing it. I cannot wait to share it with you!

JULY 31ST 7PM (*proceeds to benefit Alzheimer’s Research)
For more info on this event:

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Mae Day Show Buzz

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Why be an artist in 2015?

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