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EP#36 Kama Sutra 2: Released Feb 13, 2018
In this mini episode your co-hosts and married couple, Ilyana Kadushin and James Harrell read from the pop-up Kama Sutra about how to begin and end the “act of congress”.  No, not that kind of congress! The pleasurable kind of congress known as SEX. In the Kama Sutra the advice given is to inspire us to make time in our busy lives for some beautiful rituals of pleasure with our lover.

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Hello! Wow the summer season of travel and fun has kept me from this blog but I am back! And I have received a message from MAE. She loved MAE DAY and now wants to expand out to video. Stay tuned for some video messages from MAE from her BED. Enjoy yourself and do...

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Mae Day Show Buzz

We are all still buzzing from the performance at The Slipper Room on April 30th. Check out this photo from the latest show. Thank you so much for being there and stay tuned for future dates! xoxoiIlyana Kadushin | chatterbox Blog Archive Blogging since...

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Why be an artist in 2015?

It's March in New York and we are dreaming of flowers poking through all this snow and ice. During this long winter, as we take stock of what does not serve us or liberate us, I cannot help but think about this question, why be an artist in 2015? I think about this...

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Evolution of Mae Day

Here we go! It's the new year and i am back developing the script, music and performance of Mae Day, the show I am creating based on Mae West's Book "Sex, Health and Esp". The performances last year taught me alot and the challenge of dramatizing history was new to...

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New Year New Creations

The New Year has begun and things are percolating! NEWS: James, my husband and music partner at Lythion Music has some of his music in a film called "Me, Earl and The Dying Girl", that his premiering at Sundance this month! So happy for him! I am in the midst of...

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