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This post is a part 2 to my Grandmother Power post, which you can read by clicking the link below.

I have explored many times before, the idea of “Citizen vs. Consumer”. We all traverse back and forth between these roles. Some days we are CONSUMERS, taking much and not necessarily giving back. And on other days our consciousness brings our sense of self and it’s place in the larger community and CITIZEN comes to life.
I recently made the connection between Consumer/Citizen and how we treat Elders in our society. Advertisers and Marketers have chosen age brackets of those they can SELL to and after a certain age we dismiss our citizens, because they are not targeted anymore. But this does not stop there. We all have/had grandparents and most have treasured their limited time with them, so why have the elderly in our society, been marginalized and not engaged?


Why does our society at large, undervalue the stories, history and input of our elders?

Why are most nursing homes and elder care facilities, places where all those grandparents we love, are waiting to DIE? I am bringing this up, as there needs to be a SHIFT, in our valuing AGE and HISTORY. We need to see that there is value and possibility in every generation and age group. Let’s not allow pop culture and advertising to determine who is relevant based on monetary value.

I have visited a few places recently that have heartened me, because they are innovating their approach to Elder Care and Engagement: The Mac Center in Maryland and The Cobble Hill Health Center in Brooklyn, where I will soon be volunteering. I do see another documentary film in my future about these very issues and feel very passionate about shedding more light on this!

Thanks for Reading and as always let me know what you think.

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