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Happy New Year!


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Evolution of Mae Day

Here we go! It's the new year and i am back developing the script, music and performance of Mae Day, the show I am creating based on Mae West's Book "Sex, Health and Esp". The performances last year taught me alot and the challenge of dramatizing history was new to...

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New Year New Creations

The New Year has begun and things are percolating! NEWS: James, my husband and music partner at Lythion Music has some of his music in a film called "Me, Earl and The Dying Girl", that his premiering at Sundance this month! So happy for him! I am in the midst of...

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Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

One of my favorite days as a performer so far... was on this set!Happy Birthday to Sesame Street! They don't make children's television the same today do they? xoxo Ilyana Ilyana Kadushin | chatterbox Blog Archive Blogging since 2013 Chatterbox, the personal blog...

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You may know her from The Twilight Saga book narrations.

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