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Boston on My Mind

I am thinking about my cousin and his college friends in Boston today and I imagine that they feel something like my friends and I felt… in New York City on 9/11..shocked, disillusioned, hoping for a peaceful future and not wanting to take a minute of our life for granted. We grieve today and hopefully tomorrow we also carry it with gratitude for our LIFE and will not slip back into complaints and cattiness…BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. We have all heard that statement before. So what does this really mean? You may ask, does my attitude be it, complaining, cattiness, judgement..really make an IMPACT? Yes it does. Just notice how the energy shifts around you when you walk in somewhere and either bring negativity or if you come into a space with LOVE. Just pay attention and see what happens. The main point is, the world can feel scary and unpredictable and what are you putting into it? xoi

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Wishing you Joyful, sweet Holidays.

Wishing you all joyful, sweet holidays and a peaceful and happy new year ahead.Focus on what went right this year. What you feel good about and when your gifts really shined. Write it down and remember that! May that give you the inspiration for more in 2017. In 2017...

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Summer Update

Hope you have all had a wonderful summer! I have been traveling, spending precious time with my family and re-charging for the fall season ahead. Have you checked out my podcast yet? My husband and I co-host this show. We have great guest interviews and live music...

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