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Ilyana's News: Star Wars Release Date and Audie Nomination!

A Star Wars short story audio book that i narrated for Random House Audio, is coming out on March 4th!

I was also one of the narrators for an audio book of short stories called Rip Off, that is nominated for an Audie Award this year!
I have now narrated over 55 titles and most people know me from one of my first narration jobs, Stephenie Meyer’s,TWILIGHT SAGA.

Audio Book Narration is one of my favorite areas of voice performance. Long form performance such as this, takes a totally different skill set then say, commercials or promos, which are short forms of voice performance. Being able to tell the story the author has written, without getting in the way of it and at the same time breathing new life into it, by playing many roles and characters, only with your VOICE.

All my titles are available on Audible, Amazon and itunes.
Stay tuned for more news coming soon!

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