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Here is a powerful quote that I love.
“Effective change requires insight plus action.
Insight without Action is Passivity.
Action without Insight is Impulsive.
Insight plus Action leads to Clarity and Power.
(Peter Pearson PHD.)”

Lately in the world and the news coverage, there has been a glut of “Hate Crimes”, that shows prejudice against people for their skin color, sexual orientation, gender and religious beliefs.

It draws everyone’s attention because of it’s severity. Some are shocked, some are not. Some are outraged and some are asleep or too overwhelmed by their own lives to really see. One hate crime is not worse than another, it is just how we react to it and why? Most I know lament “How can we effect REAL CHANGE in our word?


I think this quote sums it up. That the imbalance of our reaction is NOT effective. What I have noticed is when these events happen there is a SPIKE of “reaction” and then it dies down and people move on.  So again “Insight without Action is Passivity”.  Some will “Act without Insight”, hitting the streets and spreading more anger and hatred.  The most susceptible to destructive emotions are those who feel powerless, marginalized and not heard. The surge of ANGER is a false sense of POWER, a false sense of being SEEN and HEARD.
In 2011, I co-produced a Documentary called “Separate, But Equal”, about a community in Mississippi that thrived during segregation and Jim Crow laws. The film answers how did they do it? The answer, “Community Esteem”. What is Community Esteem? “Self Esteem” is holding your Self in “high regard”, so then “Community Esteem” is holding your community in high regard.

When a community holds itself in high regard and a conflict arises, an “esteemed community member” feels empowered and motivated to make a change for the better of all.  I think Community Esteem leads to Conflict Resolution and Tolerant behavior.
However in order to achieve this each member of the community needs to follow an example and live “Action with Insight”.
What do you think?

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It’s not an easy feat to create one complex and beautifully written novel by weaving together multiple characters and their stories. Debut novel Disappearing Earth accomplishes it. It’s also not easy to bring a novel like that to life in the audiobook, but award-winning narrator (and singer, lyricist, and multimedia performance artist!) Ilyana Kadushin brilliantly does.

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