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Narrating the Birthright Series


I am in the middle of narrating the audio book #3 in the Birthright Series by Gabrielle Zevin.
It’s called “In the Age of Love and Chocolate”. LOVE that title.
I have so enjoyed playing the heroine, ANYA BALANCHINE.
To say she has lived a hard life would be an understatement.
As heroines go in the young adult fiction world, she is tougher and less romantic than many of the young female characters i have played.  She does not wear her emotions on her sleeve, can appear cool on the surface but is struggling underneath.
This futuristic adventure story takes you on her journey to try and redeem herself from her dark family history. Read and Listen to the whole series HERE you will love it! xoxIlyana

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The Personal Blog of Ilyana KadushinWelcome to my coaching blog where we look at the voice, public speaking and what happens when art meets activism.HOW CAN WE BE IN THE RESISTANCE AGAINST THE SEEMINGLY ENDLESS ABUSES OF POWER, DEATH OF ETHICS AND DIVISIVE TACTICS...

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Words Matter

Winter and Politics can make you crazy. No one can escape this unless you are on a tropical island with no media.  And at this time in society, I cannot help but think about how we impact each other. Being civic and community-minded, my interest lies in what connects...

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